STÉRILOR expertise

1985: STÉRILOR launched one of the first salt electrolysis-based water treatment appliances, allowing the French to discover the many advantages of this technique.

Ever since, the STÉRILOR teams have continued to perfect the products, permanently seeking solutions to make our appliances increasingly effective, natural, reliable.... and simple.

STÉRILOR was the first to include the SLOW MODE for pools fitted with covers, making it possible to automatically reduce the treatment when the cover is closed. This shows the synergy born of the combination of the “water treatment” and “ABRIBLUE safety cover” activities on the industrial site that became “A.S. POOL” in 2011.

New techniques, such as Cu/Ag ionisation which is well known for its ecological virtues, or coupling to Redox potential, quickly contributed to building up a very rich line, helping to control products at all levels.

The quality of the design and manufacture of the appliances, their constant adaptation to client needs, has made the STÉRILOR line a reference that is recommended by installers and appreciated by all users.

The benefits of STÉRILOR products and services:

• All STÉRILOR products are developed, manufactured and tested in France.

• They are easy to install and can be fitted on all types of filtering system.

• The cells are fitted with automatic polarity reversal.

• Regulated current: auto-adaptable to variations in water composition.

• Appliances managed by exclusive, reliable, evolutive and unique software.

• Appliances can be coupled together to obtain effective combinations suited to varying needs.

• Design and production of customised appliances.

• Reactive technical support: 1 specific hotline for professionals.

Spare parts: STÉRILOR stocks the spare parts for all generations of appliances at highly competitive prices.

Accompaniment of professional clients: STÉRILOR trains and helps to master the products at all levels.