No Stress

Your connected ally against drowning risks

What is No Stress?

No Stress is a connected object for the surveillance of your children in case of drowning risks.
Using No Stress, your smartphone becomes your surveillance ally for children in case of drowning risks. No need for GSM network, 3G or WIFI, No Stress creates its own network locally.
Intuitive, totally mobile and selective:
• No Stress identifies high-risk situations and issues audible and visual alerts within a few seconds,
• it organises selective surveillance and does not mix up children, even if several No Stress beacons are operating in the same area.

A multifunctional surveillance system

No Stress detects various dangers...
immersion, distance, UV exposure, etc,
In different environments...
next to a river, at the beach, in fresh water and salt water, etc.

How does it work?

For the child: the Beacon
Light and compact, the Beacon is worn by the child to be supervised:
• As a wristband (small bath allowed).
• As a necklace (playing in water with peace of mind).
• As an ankleband (access to water not authorised).
For the supervisor: smartphone
With the No Stress free app installed, your smartphone can monitor up to 6 Beacons at the same time.

Alerts and information

• Immersion alert
• Beacon torn away alert
• Distance alert
• Low battery information
• Ultraviolet radiation exposure information
• Extension of surveillance to several smartphones